The Best Employee Benefits to Improve Team Culture

When a worker’s salary is hardly enough to survive, thinking about the emotional salary may sound like a tease. Perhaps it is because the media has not been able to explain correctly what this emotional salary consists of, or that some companies have perverted the meaning of this expression.

Because the emotional salary has no more objective than to improve the quality of life of workers, with benefits and tangible benefits for well-being, which go beyond a greeting from the boss upon arrival or a hug for a job well done.

In fact, in the United States, at the forefront in these aspects, more than half of the workers (57%) recognize that the advantages and benefits offered by a company are among the main aspects they take into account when accepting A job offer. And 80% say they prefer new benefits over a salary increase, according to a survey conducted by the Glassdoor employment portal, collected by Insider.

The following explores the best employee benefits organizations can offer today:


The objective of this policy is to take care of the health of our professionals. A healthy employee will be an employee who performs better and, at the same time, has less medical leave. Therefore it is clear the return on investment that can give us such a policy beyond a tax saving or a non-contribution to social security.

Within the policies of wellness, we can find different benefits or services. We detail the most common.

Health insurance

It is the flagship product of social benefits. Through this product, the employee will have great benefits, such as:

  • You do not have to wait for waiting lists.
  • You can have a second opinion.
  • You can adapt your schedules to your personal and professional life.
  • You can perform a health prevention function.

Medical insurance may have more or less coverage, and in other countries, it is quite common for the company to offer a basic package and for the employee to “pay” for other services that are more suited to their needs.

It is one of the best employee benefits, and it may carry the possibility of acquiring a reimbursement product, dental, psychology, smoking cessation programs, cholesterol-lowering programs, physiotherapist, personal wellness programs…


The objective of this policy is to offer the employee the possibility to reconcile his personal and professional life. This will give us more motivated and committed employees with the company and, at the same time, more profitable employees.

Among the benefits offered in this category would be the flexibility of schedule, purchase of extra vacation days; childcare assistance; life facilitators.


The objective of this policy is closely related to conciliation. We will offer these products to facilitate the employee’s approach to his office: car rental/motorcycle rental; plus transportation; transport checks; company mobile.

Social security

Products aimed at covering the employee’s social security: Life and accident insurance (help to the family in case of death and help to the employee in case of total disability); savings and retirement plans.

Professional development

Products that adapt to the professional growth of the employee: general training; language training; specific job training; I use new technologies.

Dependency assistance

Products aimed at assisting employees in issues related to dependency: home assistance; telecare; convalescence service.

In summary, we can say that companies are tending towards a total compensation policy that includes different remuneration concepts. These concepts are increasingly flexible to adapt to the needs of each employee.

Here are some modern-day examples:

Free housing | Facebook

Facebook offers its scholars free housing, with numerous amenities, such as direct transportation to campus. Or a compensation of 1,000 dollars a month.

Gym | Reebok

The sports equipment company offers its employees a complete gym, which they encourage to use, including Crossfit classes during the workday.

Free hamburgers | In-n-out

In-N-Out employees, a chain of free food restaurants in the United States, offer their workers a double hamburger and free fries on each work shift.

Compensation for death | Google

Google provides the spouse of a deceased employee with 50% of his salary during the ten years following the death.

Paternity leave | Netflix

Netflix offers a year of paternity or maternity leave to its employees, or adapt during that period to a flexible work schedule.

Time to volunteer | Salesforce

Salesforce workers have six days a year paid to volunteer, in addition to donating $ 1,000 to the charity they choose.

Conclusion: Best Employee Benefits for the Win

The best employee benefits should always be a part of an employee performance plan, to create more employee development.