How to Gain More Engaged Employees in 2020

Employee engagement is the key to transforming the company. Engaged employees can increase productivity, improve the quality of the product, and lower hiring costs by taking customer loyalty to the next level. But inflating employee engagement is a tough task. And the managers are sometimes so busy trying to attain their objectives that they forget to take significant measures to keep their employees happily connected to the company and motivate them to work hard.

So how can a company give a boost to its employee engagement beyond the error-and-trial, time-taking procedure of introducing a new setup from scratch with no ground plan for success?

Here come the best employee benefits that ensure employees begin with a healthy start and remain highly motivated during their tenure with the company.

Offer Flexibility

Giving flexibility to the employees is always a strong start off for increasing employee engagement. It provides them the opportunity to make the decision about their work schedule, in terms of time and location, that best suits them.

When it comes to working, not a lot of managers trust their employees and tend to keep a watchful eye. When it comes to the timing, offering flexibility can make a lot of difference to your employees’ loyalty and engagement. Employees given the flexibility in timing and facilities such as 13 grants to pay off student loans, are likely to be more productive, satisfied and engaged at their work.

Embrace Authenticity

One of the secrets on how to build trust and strong teamwork is maintaining a sincere relationship between employers and employees. Employers must make an effort to not to fake relationships and create a trusting working culture.

When employees discover that the company doesn’t keep secrets or sugar-coat things, they do not feel the need of hiding information either. In fact, they share with their managers and colleagues to keep everyone on the same page.

Encourage to Volunteer

Have you ever felt bad after lending a helping hand to an old lady crossing a road? Never! Helping others always make you feel good about yourself because you tried to make someone else feel better or out of trouble.

Employers should play an active role in charity programs and support the community. They should motivate employees to participate together as a team in volunteering programs. The collaborative working of employees to help others shows not just the company’s intensive effort in making money but also making a difference in the world.

Let’s begin to make a difference in the community as one team at a time.

Provide Short Breaks

You should remind your employees to take a short break from their desks or grant them five minutes to stretch. It’s one of the effective ways to forget about the stressful proposal you working at and relax for a few minutes.  

You can also make use of some wonderful applications that work as a reminder on your system to allow your team to take a break from the computer and rest their eyes. When employees realize that you are concerned about their well-being rather than just hitting the sales, they are more likely to work harder for the success of the company.

Plan Weekly Meetups

Interacting with peers and colleagues weekly is one easy way to get to know about each other personally. It also serves as a break from a hectic work schedule and adds fun, creativity, and collaboration among the employees. You do not have to make extra efforts to arrange weekly extensive events, but just BYO lunches or winding down the work at a local café every week can help develop a strong bond.  

Seek Feedback

Always remember that asking for feedback about the workplace boost employee engagement. The traditional workplace always has the employers giving feedback to employees, about their work performance, workload, office atmosphere, and others. However, try to break the concept of the traditional workplace and seek your employee’s feedback about a certain proposal or project.

Asking employees for feedback make them feel valued and recognized which is important for your company’s performance.

Create a Pleasant Environment

Running to work sounds really boring and tedious most specifically when the environment is not as comforting as you want it to be. In order to build up a supportive, comfortable and unique environment, the employers should do whatever it requires. It also reflects on the branding of your company.

The first step to developing employee engagement is to make your workplace favorable and conducive. For that, you’d have to fix up everything for instance proper functioning of air conditioner, blowing off the unpleasant smell and setting up a relaxing atmosphere, etc. 

Practice Employee-Focused Culture

Managers that encourage the employees to keep a balance in their work and personal life are the most efficient ones. Indulging in no activity other than the work turns Jack (or Jane) into a dull worker. Take initiatives after figuring out your employee’s responsibilities that would help them to manage a balanced work and personal life.

Establish a company’s culture that appreciates, values, and hear its employees as well as encourage sense camaraderie to raise employee engagement.


There is no such secret to increasing employee engagement at the workplace. All you can do is ask your employees about their needs, changes or improvements they need to increase productivity in the time they spend at the workplace. You may get amazed by how easy the solution maybe.